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About Us

Welcome to Smart Miles! Thanks for stopping by our site.

Smart Miles has redefined the used automotive parts purchasing experience. In early 2008, our combined 60+ years of automotive experience helped us realize what the industry was missing. We began building a vision of a business that focused on reinventing an old industry. Gone are the days of the stereotypical salvage yard. Smart Miles implements an innovative process for bringing our customers quality used automotive parts. Our focus is on the product, price and a high level of customer service.

The first step is buying the right inventory. We purchase late model, low mileage vehicles that are thoroughly inspected and researched prior to purchase. Within days after a car arrives at our facility, the car is dismantled and the parts are inspected and photographed. We call our process “pre-dismantling”. This means we do not have an actual “yard” where the parts are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Our parts are removed and then stored indoors, and the remains of the vehicle are scrapped all within days. So not only do we sell quality recycled parts but we also send all of the remains to a scrap facility for processing immediately after the vehicles are dismantled. Smart Miles cares about the environment and makes it a priority to eliminate risk factors that cause pollution.

We pride ourselves in our rigorous 3 step inspection process. First, an inventory specialist inspects and takes photographs of the vehicle and completes an inventory worksheet noting any visual damage to the parts. Once the parts are removed, all parts are cleaned, marked and inspected for a second time. A final inspection is completed when each part is photographed. Actual photos of all our parts are available and ready to e-mail to our customers in seconds. Are you sick of waiting two to three days and then discovering that the salvage facility does not have the part you ordered or the part is damaged? At Smart Miles, all of our parts are inspected, accurately described, and ready to ship in less than 24hrs from the time an order is placed.

Whether you visit us online, over the phone, or in person, Smart Miles is the place to shop for quality inspected parts. We provide a 90-day warranty on all mechanical parts and our experienced staff is here to help you through the entire purchasing experience. We also have our used car dealer license and are available to work as a broker on your behalf. We monitor dozens of auctions weekly and can help you source a car whether you are looking for a primary method of transportation or a project car. Smart Miles also provides discounted pricing on large orders. Looking to export a container of parts outside of the United States? We have the capability to prepare large quantities of parts (from pallets to containers).

Please let us know how we can help you. We appreciate you taking the time to read our thoughts and we thank you for your business!